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We believe being a luxury stylist means reinventing the unimaginable for our clients every time they celebrate.

Our special savoir-faire is in our service. You will remember how we made you feel, each step along the way.

And your guests will remember how you made them feel too.


No matter what kind of party you’re planning, we can make it happen. We’ll handle everything - from the decoration, catering, invitations, and more. 

Kids’ Parties


Adult Shindigs

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My team has been working with Audrey at Bouquet Garni since 2019. Her creativity and vision are unparalleled. She brings the best ideas to the table and knows how to implement them. We can always trust her  work.

Ayda Q

"I  love how they set everything up within hours, and the team was extremely courteous."

Nicole Yang

We can't thank you enough for all your hard work for our daughter's wedding. You are always so professional and you continue to bring fresh ideas each year. You also provided over-the-top service for this event. God bless you and your business. Thank you from each and everyone of us.

Kathy S


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